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UK Immigration and UK Visa Services
Why United Kingdom?
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) is one of the most popular and desirable country for immigration. The UK is a cultural hub and is famous for inhabiting diverse and multicultural people. This sovereign country is highly developed and industrialized country and thus, has large economy.

The UK has a large economy and to sustain it, the UK needs skilled migrants. Therefore, numerous new UK immigration, UK visa, naturalization, work permit and UK working visa categories have been introduced by the UK government in last few years.  
UK Immigration Schemes and Systems
In January 2002, the UK successfully implemented its first points based skilled immigration system known as the HSPM or Highly Skilled Migrant Programme. Later, the HSMP was replaced by a new points based scheme called Tier 1 (General). At present, the UK utilizes Tier 1 (General) system to assess the worth of an individual.

To boost its economy, the UK has been making efforts to attract qualified individuals or migrants. Earlier it was through HSMP/ Highly Skilled Migrant Programme Scheme, which was replaced by Tier 1 (General) Visa for General Highly Skilled Migrants on 30 June 2008 HSMP.

Highly professional migrants can greatly contribute to the global economy of the UK. Tier 1 (General) of Five-Tier Points Based Immigration System permits educated individuals to score high points on the basis of their skills and gives them immigration visa even if they do not have any sponsorship from an employer.  

Tier 1 (General) System
Tier 1 (General) is a part of Five-Tier Points Based System. Under the new scheme- Five-Tier Points Based System- the applicant is evaluated on basis of factors like work, study, etc. The new system permits only the applicants with adequate criteria to enter the United Kingdom.

The new system takes into account an applicant's age, past earnings, education and work experience. As per the guidelines of the Tier 1 of the new points based system, highly skilled or qualified applicants must also fulfill stringent English language requirements.

Criterion of Evaluation :
  1. If you are an engineer, doctor, MBA or qualified worker, you get points essential for immigration permission.
  2. If you are a graduate from a recognized institute, hold a good working experience and have been drawing a respectable income, your chances of getting immigration visa are high.
  3. If you posses good English language skills, you gain points.
Dissimilarity between Tier 1 (General) and HSMP
  1. HSMP had an MBA provision under which applicants who had MBA degree from specific universities use to get 75 points automatically. This provision was removed from the guidelines of the new system.
  2. In comparison with the old scheme, requirements for English language skills are tougher in the new system.
UK Immigration Process can be Lengthy
Proper documentation is very important for rapidly getting immigration visa. However, many a times an applicant has to wait for months together to get his/her UK visa application processed by the UK Border Agency. It can be a time-consuming process. Sometimes after long wait and submission of documents, the applicant gets to know that that he had not submitted all the relevant documents. UK Immigration Process can be prolonged if documents are not appropriate. So, right documentation is very vital for receiving quick UK visa.