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Shmema Nasrin Shilu
I am Shmema Nasrin Shilu from Bangladesh. I am very happy with Paterton Co.. They submitted my papers within very short time.I have got my Danish immigration Reciept as well.
Hi here is raju i have applied greencard denmark with Paterton i was student in ireland i was bit confusssed should i apply greencard or not but Paterton has given me very good consultats and i have applied greencard thru Paterton and i have got it with in 57 days. i wish Paterton very good luck they have changed my life
i have applied Denamrk greencard with Paterton it was realy great service i was worrying for my origanal degree to send abroad with post but it is realy very safe i have got confirmation from danish immigration as well.Delhi emabssy was giving me appointment for fiule submission in september but Paterton has submitted my file with in 1 week, grat service... jyoti
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Ashok Kumar
Hi i have submitted my Denamrk Greencard file with Paterton . i have phoned Denamrk embassy but they have submission appointment after 6 months but Paterton has filed my case direct in Denamrk immigration with in 1 week. They have realy best service . Ashok
hi i am bilal ahmed from pakistan faislabad i have enter my file for denamrk greencard with Paterton in pakistan denamrk embassy is not working so i have sent all my paper to Paterton germany they have entered my papers in danish immigration copenhagen direct i have phoned and check with danish immigration in coppenhagen my file is accepted . i have got my all origanal papers back from Paterton. bilal ahmad