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Netherlands Immigration
Why netherlands?
The Netherlands is an exotic country which offers great opportunities to the young immigrants. The Netherlands is also known by the name of Holland. The Netherlands is a member of European Union and holds the status of being one of the founding members of the EU just like Belgium.

The country has a well-built economy which has grown at a consistent pace over the years. The Netherlands is a prosperous country so it opens doors for foreign investors to invest in the Netherlands’ economy. Simultaneously, it also offers amazing work environment and prospects to the foreign nationals seeking work in a highly developed country.


Major Routes to Enter Netherlands
  • As a skilled labor (Work Permit Scheme)
  • Under Netherlands Residence Visa (MVV)
  • Under Netherlands Van der Elst Visas
  • Under Netherlands Working Holiday Visas
The Netherlands Immigration Schemes
Work Permit Scheme
Netherlands’ work permit is employer-specific, which means under a certain permit the candidate can work only for one employer. In case, the candidate plans to shift his job, the new employer must take a new work permit for the candidate.

Work Permit for Non-EEA Nationals
This plan is meant to facilitate the easy immigration of non-EEA nationals who wish work in the Netherlands. Firstly, only employers can apply under this scheme and officially hire resources from non-EEA countries. However, prior to applying under this scheme, the employer must make sure (by advertising in national newspapers, on web and industry publications) that no local or EEA resource is available to fill up the post. The Dutch employer must also make sure that no accessible local or EEA employee is adequate to be trained for the post in question.

The same efforts are conducted by Arbeitsamt, the local employment service, wherein they try to find out labor with required skills from EU countries. They use the European Employment Services placement network (EURES) to find out professionals fit for the post.
Work Permit Application Process
Level 1 : The candidate willing to work in the Netherlands must apply for the residence visa first. Securing a visa is very imperative prior to entering the Netherlands. The candidate must file an application for a temporary residence permit/visa (MVV) with his local Royal Netherlands embassy.

Level 2 : Meanwhile the employer in the Netherlands should apply for the work permit on behalf of the candidate. The work permit application gets processed in about 5 weeks from the date of its submission with the concerned authorities. It is either approved or rejected.

Level 3 : After acquiring the work permit, the residence permit/visa (MVV) is given to the candidate within a few days to a few months. The time of issuing a visa depends on the nationality of the candidate and surety by the Dutch employer that no local or EEA resource is available to take up the job.
Eligibility Criterion for Obtaining Work Permit
For Employer : Only an employer can apply and get a Dutch work permit for a non-EU national, if he is :
  • A Netherlands-based and registered organization
  • Or an EEA company serving a Netherlands company. In such a case, the service provider must not be a Staff Agency / Recruitment company. And the service provider must reveal a valid copy of contract between the EEA company and the Dutch client.

For Employee
  • The employer must be ready to pay more than the agreed minimum wage for that specific occupation to the candidate. Those companies who meet this requirement can get work permits for up to five years
  • The candidate should be a professional and skilled resource
  • The candidate must have relevant qualifications required for the shortage post
  • The candidate’s age should be between 18 and 45 years
  • As for a non-Netherlands service provider who has signed a contract with a Netherlands’ firm, the candidate must have at least six months experience of working outside the Netherlands
Exemption from Netherlands Residence Visa (MVV Requirement)
Few candidates are exempted from holding a Netherlands residence visa (MVV). These candidates include the nationals of the below mentioned countries :
  • All EU countries
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Switzerland
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United States

The candidates of above mentioned countries need to possess a residence permit (VTV) only when they intend to stay in the Netherlands for more than six months


Netherlands Residence Visa (MVV)
Before filing an application for a work permit, all immigrants must apply for a residence permit (MVV) at their local Royal Netherlands Embassy. At this time the applicant is not allowed to visit any Schengen state. Once the work permit is granted to the candidate, the MVV is readily issued by the Embassy.
Netherlands Van der Elst Visas
The Van der Elst visa scheme allows a non-EU employee, who has been working for more than 12 months with an EU company, to reside in the Netherlands for six months. To obtain a Van der Elst visa, the candidate must submit a work permit application with the RBA and/or AFB.
Netherlands Working Holiday Visas
This scheme lets young nationals of Australia, Canada and New Zealand to come to the Netherlands and stay for up to 12 months. The candidate should have age between18 and 30 years. On the holiday, immigrants are allowed to work in the Netherlands to support themselves financially. This makes sure that the working holidaymakers remain independent and self-sufficient.

A Netherlands Working Holiday Visa can be obtained through a local Royal Netherlands Embassy.

After reaching the Netherlands, working holidaymakers have to do the following things :
  • Within eight days of arrival, they must go and report to the local Alien's police.
  • They should lodge an application for a residence permit (MVV)
  • They must apply for a temporary employment permit (which are employer-specific)
  • They must apply for a Tax File number. This is done by registering at the Local Town hall
Temporary Residence Permits
The immigration authorities must approve the issuance of a temporary residence permit to the candidate. This permit allows the candidate to legally stay in the Netherlands.

The application for a temporary residence permit should be filed at least 3 months prior to immigrating to the Netherlands. The candidate must be able to show minimum funds required to sustain him (if he is not going to the Netherlands for employment purpose).
An employed immigrant who possesses an active work permit along with a valid temporary residence visa (MVV) for at least three years can get a permanent residence permit in the Netherlands.