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Japan Immigration
Why japan?
Japan is a wonderful East Asian island country. It is popularly known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”. Japan is a highly metropolitan country having a great lifestyle and rich culture. Japan has highest life expectancy rate and thus, high standards of living. Japan can provide grand opportunities for young professionals because it has second largest economy in the world.

Japan has been engaged in making endeavors to facilitate cross-country human mobility. As a result, Japan offers a number of programs under which people can move to Japan for various purposes.
Chief Routes to enter Japan
  • As a Tourist : As a tourist you can enter in Japan under Temporary Visitor’s Visa Scheme.
  • As a Student : Studying Visa allows foreign students to come and study in Japan.
  • As a Skilled Worker : Worker Visa lets immigrants to earn a livelihood in Japan.
  • As a Relative : If you are a relative of a person residing in Japan as a Japanese national, you can immigrate to Japan.
Various Japan Immigration Schemes
Temporary Visitor’s Visa Scheme : This plan is meant for foreign tourists and business travelers. Japan has "general visa exemption arrangement" with approximately 50 countries. In case, an applicant is a resident of one the listed 50 countries, he only needs an authentic passport to enter Japan. Such an immigrant is considered temporary visitor by the Japanese government and is legally allowed to stay for 90 days only in Japan. Citizens of Austria, Germany, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Switzerland or the United Kingdom too can immigrate to Japan with 90 days stay permit. But such citizens have better chances to get their stay span enhanced for up to six months.

All the temporary visitors must remember that they are legally prohibited to indulge in any kind of paid jobs or activities. They can only enroll themselves at Japanese language schools in short term studies. As a matter of safety, foreign tourists are advised to carry their passport wherever they go in Japan.

Worker Visa Scheme : Applicants who want to work in Japan must apply and receive work visa. They must obtain the residence permit and work permit before entering Japan. The immigrant must nominate an occupation in his application. These occupations include business management, engineering, journalism, research, entertainment, arts, international services, education, etc. Status of residence depends on a specific professional field. This means that if an immigrant changes his professional field while in Japan, his status of residence will also get altered.
An applicant must possess following things to become eligible for receiving a work visa :
  • Educational Qualification/work experience : Legitimate degree from a reputed educational institute or relevant professional experience in the professional field he wishes to work.
  • Prospective Employer’s Sponsorship : Valid Sponsorship from a Japanese employer
  • Residence Permission : It can be obtained in period of one to three years and can be extended later.
Student Visa Scheme : Applicants who desire to study in Japan should file an application under the student visa scheme and obtain residence status that allows him to pursue long term studies. The study type- such as pre-college, college or cultural activities- determines the residence status of the immigrant. An applicant must fulfill following criterion in order to attain student visa for immigrating to Japan :
  • Sponsorship : The applicant should have a proof of valid sponsorship from a Japanese educational institution.
  • Funds : The applicant must be able to show minimum amount of funds required to sustain himself during the span of his stay in Japan.
  • Residence Permission : It is usually granted in period of six months to one year/ two years. The residence permit can be extended.
After reaching Japan on Student Visa, the students are allowed to work only after seeking permission from their educational institute and immigration department of Japan. Still students are allowed to work for a fixed number of hours per week.
Visa for Relatives : Spouses and Dependents who wish to immigrate to Japan and have relatives residing in Japan can apply under this scheme.
  • Spouse Visa : If an immigrant is married to a permanent resident of Japan or Japanese national, he/she can obtain spouse visa after showing authentic marriage certificate and other documents. Under spouse visa the immigrant is permitted to work and earn a livelihood. Residence permission on spouse visa is given in periods of one or three years and can be extended also.
  • Dependent Visa : Those who are residing in Japan on spouse visa with residence and work permit can further apply for a dependent visa. In case of dependent visa, residence permit is given for about three months to three years and can be extended. After taking permission from the immigration office, dependent can get engaged in paid activities. They are allowed to work for a specific number of hours in a week.
Working Holidays Visa Scheme : This scheme is meant for the citizens of specific countries like Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Korea, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The applicant’s age must be between 18 and 30. 

Irrespective of the visa scheme under which an applicant has applied, he must fulfill following conditions common for all applicants :
  • Good health
  • Good character
  • Meet the threshold for Language requirement
  • Must have a valid passport