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Ireland Immigration
Why ireland?
The third largest island in Europe, Ireland, has an estimated population of 6.2 million. Ireland has a scenic beauty by virtue of its lush green flora. Ireland is a prosperous country in all aspects. It is known to influence the entire world with its literature. Also, Ireland has a great native culture which includes Irish sports, language, contemporary music and drama, etc.

Ireland has a low unemployment rate. As a result, immigrants make up about nine percent of its labor force.

Work permit is not required for immigrants who come from EEA or European Economic Area countries. However, work permit is a must for immigrants who come from the countries that are not a part of EEA countries’ list.

Earlier immigration of non-EEA nationals as skilled workers to Ireland came under the Work Visa/Work Authorization scheme but now it has been replaced by a new scheme. The new scheme has been instituted to facilitate the immigration of highly skilled resources from non-EEA countries who can significantly contribute to the economy of Ireland.


Major Routes to Enter Ireland : Ireland Immigration Schemes
Ireland does not employ any point based system like UK or Canada. Rather it uses a system that is based on job offers in skills shortage areas. Ireland utilizes a scheme classified into below mentioned categories :
  • Green Card Permit Scheme
  • Work Permit Scheme
  • Intra-company Transfer Permit Scheme
  • Spouse/Dependent Permit Scheme
  • Third Level Graduate Scheme
Separate Policy System
Ireland has a different set of immigration rules or policy to govern the immigration of the nationals of following countries :
  • EEA/European Economic Area Countries
  • EU/European Union Countries: Bulgaria and Romania (recently became a part of the EU)
Green Card Permit Scheme
It is a scheme for those who want to work in Ireland. For them the Green Card Permit acts as an employment permit. This permit lets an immigrant to take up employment in the occupations that come under skills shortage areas. Primarily, it is granted for two years and can be extended later on.

An applicant who meets the condition of proving that he holds a valid job offer from a registered Irish organization can easily obtain a green card permit. After receiving the green card permit, the applicant can straight away apply for the family reunification. Good point about this plan is that the time an immigrant spends under the green card work and residence permit is taken into account when he applies for a permanent residence permit.

To qualify for this scheme the applicant must have qualifications, experience and skills relevant to the nominated employment category.
Green Card Scheme Occupation Categories
The Green Card Scheme is applicable for the occupations under following situations :

Green Card for all Occupations: Apart from occupations which are contrary to public interest, the Green Card Permit can be obtained for all occupations if the immigrant’s yearly salary is EUR 60,000 or more, excluding bonuses.

Green Card for Limited Strategically Important Occupations: The Green Card Permit can be obtained only for limited strategically important occupations if the immigrant’s yearly salary is EUR 30,000 - EUR 59,999, excluding bonuses. The eligible occupations are mentioned below :
Economic Sector Occupation Job Titles
Information Technology ICT Professional Computer Systems Managers, Computer Analysts, Computer Programmers, Computer Testers
Healthcare Health Professionals Registered Nurses, Registered Midwives, Medical Practitioners, Specialist Nurses, Pharmacists/Pharmacologists, Dental Practitioners
Healthcare Health Associate Professionals Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Orthoptists, Medical Physicists, Dieticians, Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Medical Scientists, Physiotherapists, ECG technicians, Cardiac Catheterisation Technicians, Neurophysiological Measurement Technicians, Vascular Technicians, Respiratory Technicians, GI Function Technicians, Audiologists, Biochemists, Medical Radiographers
Industry Professional Engineers and Technologists Civil, Mining, Electrical, Software, Chemical, Design and Development, Planning and Quality Control, Network, Validation, Product Development, Process and Equality
Industry Construction Professionals Building Managers, Architects, Quantity and other Surveyors
Education/ Healthcare/
Researchers and Natural Scientists Researchers, Chemists, Physicists, Natural Scientists, Biological Scientists, Material Scientists
Financial Business and Financial Professionals and Associate Professionals Chartered and Certified Accountants, Management Consultants, Business Analysts, Actuaries, Economists, Statisticians, Underwriters, Claims Assessors and Analysts, Risk Professionals, Security Specialists, Fund and Investment Management Specialists, Common Law Jurisdiction Lawyers with experience in the financial services sector, Investment Funds Professionals, Fund Accountants, Fund Valuations Professionals, Fund Administrators, Custody Specialists, Transfer Agents, Hedge Fund Specialists, Compliance Specialists, Risk Specialists, Tax Experts, Legal Experts
Industry/ Services Specialist Managers Marketing and other specialist managers
Processing Fees
  • First time application processing fee: EUR 1,000
  • Processing fee for indefinite renewal after completing two years: EUR 1,500
Work Permit Scheme
It is meant for those immigrants who earn EUR 30,000 per annum. The work permit is granted at first for two years and can be extended up to three years. After a period of five years, the work permit can be extended indefinitely. To qualify for this scheme the applicant must have qualifications, experience and skills relevant to the nominated employment category.
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