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Work visa guides for Entrepreneurs
At Paterton Co. we are philosophically and professionally committed to serving entrepreneurs. We are firmly of the belief that entrepreneurial activity is the cornerstone of both freedom and prosperity; if you are an entrepreneur, we hope that we will be able to help you get on with your business with the minimum of inconvenience due to the red tape that can never be totally avoided when entering a new jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, most countries require entrepreneurs to bring significant amounts of money with them when moving to a new country. However, regulations are now changing in response to a growing awareness that in the e-economy, a good idea can be more valuable than cash. For example the UK has recently launched a new visa category – 'Innovator' for people in this category.

We have created a guide optimised for entrepreneurs interested in the UK. If you have a query about a country not listed, please contact us as not all of our internal knowledge is on-line.