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Denmark Immigration
Why Denmark?
The Scandinavian country, Denmark, is among the top countries that have highest income equality rate. Denmark is a senior member of Kingdom of Denmark, with other members being Faroe Islands and Greenland. Denmark is popular for having excellent conditions in terms of education, health and welfare. Due to favorable economic, social and political environment, Denmark is considered as a highly preferable country for exploring business and employment opportunities. Denmark is also an active member of European Union. At a global level, it has been playing a significant role in recruiting expert manpower.  
Denmark Immigration Schemes
If you are planning to migrate to Denmark, you must know under which all schemes you can apply for visa. It is very important to apply under a relevant scheme to get visa without any delays.  

1. The Danish Green Card
To attract and select highly professional and skilled workers/migrants Denmark utilizes Points Based Immigration Scheme, which is known as the Danish Green Card. Such Points Based System is used in UK also.

On the basis of high qualifications, the Danish Green Card makes an individual eligible to receive a residence permit visa and find a suitable job for himself. After proper evaluation, which includes meeting the criterion specified by the Points Based System, the residence permit is granted.

Apart from the qualifications and professional skills, an individual may also be evaluated according to his age, language skills and work experience. Factors like appropriate age, high education, good language abilities and considerable work experience helps an applicant/migrant score high points.

Bonus Points and Extra Points
If the applicant has gained a relevant qualification from an eligible university, he gets bonus points. Also, the applicant can win extra points if he holds an experience/qualification/training in job fields that are enlisted in the shortage list of Denmark. If the scores are good enough then the applicant is given a three year residence permit and permission to bring his family and children below 18.

2. The Positive List of Shortage Jobs
The Positive List Scheme is another type of Work Permit System. In Denmark several occupations have a shortage of skilled workers. In case you have qualifications for these jobs, you can quickly get three years work and residence permit which can be extended up to four years also. The Positive List consists of occupations in various fields mentioned below:
  1. Educational, Social and Religious Occupations
  2. Hotel, Restaurant, Kitchen, Canteen
  3. Academic Work (like project management, engineering occupations, lawyers, doctors, and other professional occupations)
  4. IT and Telecommunication
  5. Construction
  6. Health, Healthcare and Personal Care
  7. Sales, Purchases and Marketing
  8. Management
  9. Education and tuition
  10. Freight Forwarding, Postal Services, Storage and Engine Operation
The Pay Limit Scheme

If an applicant already has a highly paid job offer from a Danish employer, perhaps, you will get work and residence permit in no time.

The annual salary offered to the applicant should be more than DKK 375,000 (approximately USD 80,000). In this scheme there are no particular requirements to be fulfilled like occupation, experience and qualification. However, for some occupations (such as medical doctor), the applicant may need Danish authorization.