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Become a Representative

Paterton Co. is interested in expanding our business services worldwide through a system of authorized representatives.

If your company meets our requirements, you may have a chance of becoming our authorized representative in your country. To be considered, please complete the above form and provide your company's details. Once this information is received, our business development team will be able to evaluate your experience as well as your marketing strategy and will contact you for further details.

In addition to the form, we would suggest that you enclose additional information with your application, for example, documents indicating your company's growth and profit. We would welcome documents such as the following:

  • Bank references
  • Latest set of business accounts

In addition, we strongly suggest enclosing evidence of your company's solid reputation. Plese send us either:

  • Two business references
  • Two references from your former clients

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. We look forward to dealing with your company and sincerely hope that our business collaboration would be very much successful in terms of both our firms' business development.